Education is the cornerstone of improvement for each child and determines their ability to become productive members of society. As a parent and former educator, I feel called to stand and fight for public education.


Courtney Spradley, a Cy-Fair resident for over 14 years, is running for Position 5 on the CFISD Board of Trustees. Before taking her current job in sales for a local staffing company, Courtney spent 15 years at a Title 1 school as the Science Department Chair and taught middle school Science. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Houston and a Masters in Educational Leadership from Sam Houston State University.

Courtney is married to Trevor Spradley, who graduated from Cy-Fair High School in 1988. Both Courtney and Trevor come from a line of educators; their mothers both having spent over 30 years in public education. Trevor has been an educator for 18 years, and most recently a coach for Cy-Fair ISD for the past eight years. They have a daughter that is a CFISD graduate married to another CFISD graduate, as well as their two school age sons.

Over the past year, Courtney felt a calling to stand up and fight for public education and the future of our children and country. Education is the cornerstone of improvement for each child and determines their ability to become productive members of society. As a parent, she advocated firsthand for the proper support of a child with learning struggles. As a teacher, she has seen the ongoing increased amount of difficulties that teachers face in the classroom. Her experience in the classroom and being witness to the cross hairs in education today, has encouraged her to run for CFISD Board of Trustees and she plans to stand up for traditional American values and chooses to fight to protect the quality of education for ALL children of Cy-Fair.


Our kids are under attack with the current political climate. Certain agendas are creeping into our curriculum and this needs to STOP! National and even unfortunately some local groups are set on injecting divisive racial policies into our communities.  Call it Critical Race Theory, Cultural Response Theory,  or whatever label it goes by, I am opposed to any curriculum that divides our community along racial, ethnic or gender lines. Curriculum that results in the shaming of our children based on skin color, heritage or gender has no place in our Cy-Fair community. 

I will promote open communication through increased access to public feedback before significant decisions. I believe communication is key to building a relationship of trust with the district. We need greater transparency. I will urge the board to have a committee derived of key stakeholders from the community to discuss important issues and allow all to be heard with open discussion and collaboration.

Academic excellence for all students will continue to be top priority. As a district and nation, students are lacking instruction time due to the pandemic. We need be strategic in utilizing available data to target children who need additional assistance in order to achieve academic success. I will support policies that serve all CFISD students, teachers, administrators, and families. The focus should be on educating our children as best we can. This includes respecting individual rights and freedom while providing a safe environment that fosters learning. Research shows that only when school boards focus on outcomes can they make a difference. District goals must be set that are focused on these student outcomes.

We all know that attracting high quality, effective educators is the KEY to having successful children that evolve into productive citizens. Even more important than attracting these amazing educators, is TRAINING and RETAINING them, NOT having a revolving door each year. In order to do so, CFISD will need to continue to have not only a competitive salary but also affordable benefits. We need to work extremely hard at the state and district level in order to improve the cost of healthcare for all district employees.  

I will promote fiscal responsibility for district budgets. I will advocate cutting costs where possible being mindful of the tax dollars provided to the district by the residents of CFISD. I will look for ways to reduce debt without limiting services and invest in programs that add value to the district. Any new expenditure or program should be directly related to student achievement or health and safety.

Why I am Running



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